Let me start your expectations off low.


So, I’m broke as hell right now. I looked around my kitchen this morning and thought, “What would be edible?”

I had a sweet potato, goat’s cheese and raspberry jam. Really delicious jam.

I thought, “Well, the raspberry jam was good with goat’s cheese in the baked eggs I made a while back.” and so I grabbed these things and packed my work bag.

It was a good choice. The sweetness of the potato and jam against the earthiness of the goat’s cheese was nice. Next time, more cheese and more jam because I don’t believe that there’s ever “too much of a good thing.”

Sometimes being broke makes you think outside the box. What do you make when you’re super broke?


Obligatory Introductory Post

Another blog.

In an attempt to compartmentalize my life, I’ve decided to start a “food blog.”

Sometimes I’ll be documenting what I made for supper. I have a bunch of test recipes for my sister’s bridal shower too.

Mmmmmm. Sweets! Because dessert is my favorite.

Sometimes I’ll just be discussing what I’ve eaten. (I do have a list of restaurants I need to visit.)

Feel free to pop by. I can’t promise any regular posting schedule because I’m not use to being as busy as I am right now, but I’m sort of excited about food, so this might end up being a very healthy relationship.