Fried Goat Cheese.

Inspired by this post on Blogrecipi, I decided to make myself a fried goat cheese sandwich.

Of course, I thought, I WANT TO ADD OTHER CHEESES! So I did.

Cheese mixture.

I mixed up a chunk of goat cheese, some delicious sharp cheddar and some Parmesan. Then, like the blogger over on blogrecipi stated, I plopped it in some olive oil over medium heat.

All I got was a cheese puddle.

Nonetheless, I soldiered on. I tried pushing the cheese back into a circular shape, still a puddle.

So finally I pushed it into the shape of my English muffin and I plopped the muffin on top. The cheese stuck fast, I lifted it out of the pan and stuck the other half on. It was a very thin layer of cheese. Basically, instead of a goat cheese burger, I had a goat cheese grilled sandwich.


As you can see, I used the left over oil to sauteed some snap peas.

So, this is a Pinterest “failure.” It was perfectly edible and I’ll definitely use the cheese mixture again on a grilled cheese sandwich. It just wasn’t what I was hoping it would be. I was a little skeptical when I read the original directions. I don’t see how the soft cheese could hold its form with that heat. Ah, well.

I’m hoping the refrigerator brownies turn out better. (I’ll be posting about those tomorrow.)


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