Dijon Egg Salad

I’m still pretty darn broke. Tonight I ate carbonara because I actually had bacon in my freezer and I still have some eggs in the fridge. (I always have cheese. I couldn’t live without cheese.)

Next time I make it, I ought to snap a photo and share it, but tonight it was just for eating. A quick and easy meal to toss together.

This post is about egg salad. You know, it doesn’t have a stellar reputation. It’s sort of… egg salad. But this egg salad. Yum. It was a little deviled egg-y. Probably because it features paprika & Dijon mustard.

Side note: Every time I hear the word “Dijon” I think of the Barenaked Ladies song, “If I Had a Million Dollars.”

If I had a million dollars
We wouldn’t have to eat Kraft dinner
But we would eat Kraft dinner
Of course we would, we’d just eat more

And buy really expensive ketchups with it
That’s right, all the fanciest Dijon ketchups

Anyway, I was inspired by the egg salad recipe on mint. It’s pretty cool site — they’ve got food and design all in one place.

I adapted the recipe because (a) I only wanted to make about one serving at a time and (b) I didn’t want onion in it.


  • 2 large eggs, hard boiled (Click here if you need instructions on how to hard boil eggs — I learned from Martha.)
  • 2 slices of sandwich stacker pickles, chopped
  • 1 tbsp. Dijon mustard
  • 1 tbsp. greek yogurt
  • dash of paprika
  • pepper, to taste


Mash up the hard boiled egg with the back of a fork. Mash, mash, mash. Take out your frustrations on the egg. Then, add the chopped pickles, dijon, greek yogurt, paprika and pepper. Mix.

Serve open face on the two halves of an english muffin!


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