Want to know a secret?

I hate salads.
Wait, let me rephrase that.
I hate healthy salads.

Give me a Greek salad covered in dressing and a ton of feta or a Caesar salad (oh yum) but never a green on with little to no dressing.

But then, my cousin clued me in. Think outside the box! Top your salad with sweet potato fries, she said. Dump chili on top of it, I said. Dump sweet potatoes AND chili on top, the voices in my head said.

Best. Idea. Ever!

So today, I thought I’d share the base recipe I use for chili so you can too your salads with it too!

I use the recipe on skinnytaste.com. Every time I make it, however, I’m out of something. I used crushed tomatoes instead of diced. Diced tomatoes with green chilies instead of tomato sauce and diced green chilies. I throw in three diced peppers in a tablespoon of abodo sauce in addition to the chili powder (or instead of it) for some extra heat. I’ve substituted faux meat crumbles for the meat and it was delicious. You could omit that completely and add an extra can of beans.

It’s very flexible.

Now make it and top your salads with it. No dressing necessary!


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