Sushi Night.

I was running around Harrisburg tonight gathering supplies to make my “headboard” sometime this weekend.

I’m always overwhelmed by my choices when I leave my bubble that is The Valley. I had to decided between froyo, Chipotle or sushi! I really wanted all three, but I chose… SUSHI!

Sushi wins a lot, really.

Tonight I had a salmon roll (my new favorite) and a Japanese bagel roll (smoked salmon, cucumber and cream cheese). Both were delicious, but I managed to bite my lip no less than 4 times.

Back to the sushi… I always go to Miso. They’ve had good reviews on Yelp and I haven’t had a bad roll yet. They also have tempura and teriyaki, so it can feed even non-sushi eaters.

Weirdo non-sushi eaters.
Just kidding. We all have our things.